Hello and Welcome! Who I Am and What It’s All About

Do you love learning? Do you look for ways to improve yourself in your personal life? In your career? Me too!

The internet provides an endless amount of information. This is incredible! But it can also be overwhelming. There’s so much out there, so many places to look! The internet gives information as puzzle pieces: articles, videos, books, podcasts, seminars, Wikipedia, and sometimes it can be hard to see the big picture. Some information is ground-breaking, some interesting, some informative, personal, vague, and some have no basis in research or even examples. I’ve taken it upon myself to find the rare gems that actually help me, and I want to help you find the guidance you’re looking for too. I want to help you put those puzzle pieces together.

You may be wondering why I’m writing anonymously. It is so I can be as open and honest as possible. I want to share what I’ve learned while protecting the people in my life.

For those who must know, here’s a little about myself:

I’m a woman in my 30s. I live in Southern California. I am a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter. I am an engineer. I am a dog lover and owner. I am a reader. I am a feminist. The bookstore, the beach, and my husband’s shoulder are my happiest places. I am a traveler and explorer both locally and globally. I scuba dive, swim, dance, do yoga (is there a verb for yoga?).

I know what I want but I can lack confidence. I fight for what I want and but then I go on guilt trips. I make mistakes and do my best to learn from them and make it up to those I’ve hurt. I am both excited and scared of change. I’ve had depression and fainted from anxiety and panic. I love someone with depression. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone saw a therapist every once in a while. I have migraines. I am an optimist. I am always trying to improve myself, as a person, as a woman, as an engineer, and as a family member and friend.

Me rocking out when no one is home

Wow, that’s a lot! If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably now wondering what you’ll get out of this.

In this blog, I will present links and summaries to the most beneficial resources for a given topic. Everything you need to learn and apply and benefit from, all in one simple package. I’ve done the “Googling” so you can spend your time learning. Topics will range from personal growth to career development to productivity, physical and mental health, entertainment and the arts, and anything else that I find interesting.

Do you have something you want to learn about? Send me your suggestions! I’d love to get to know you too.


15 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome! Who I Am and What It’s All About

  1. You said you are new to blogging? I don’t think it will take long at all for your blog to catch on. I think you have come to the right place to meet new people and make friends. I wish you all the best!

  2. Ok, I had to read this twice to encompass your reason for being a blogger, primarily because I couldn’t believe anyone who can introduce themselves so seamlessly and eloquently, can lack confidence. Good luck with your mission, I’m always looking for information so you added me to your follow list with this great introduction.. keep it going, it looks great so far…

  3. Sounds like a plan! I love learning new stuff, about anything and everything under the sun or in the universe.
    Cheers to expanding our brain’s horizons!

  4. Our assignment for Day 2 – Blogging University, Commenting – is to share a personal story about us that encompasses the subject of the blog post we are commenting on. Many years ago, when my husband and I divorced, due to the divorce and custody battle, my self esteem became so bad that I went into major depression. This depression increased until — this is how I describe it — I felt like I was in a deep dark hole and the bottom fell out. It was horrible. I started having psychotic breaks (where I thought the world was coming to an end) and was hospitalized several times. Honestly, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. After many years of therapy, medication, and healing of my self esteem and healing of my mind, I have been saved from that terrible affliction/disease. I think a healthy self esteem is important to every woman and I am the perfect example of that. Thank you for allowing me to share my personal story!

  5. Welcome! I think you will find this a great community to share your ideas and thoughts. I love that you chose to be anonymous so you can be free to post whatever you want. You will enjoy this community because everyone is so accepting. I look forward to following you!

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