Further Reading

I love my Kindle and when I’m traveling, Kindle Unlimited is my endless library of books to read. Traveling + Reading = <3

Blinkist is an incredible service I use daily for my personal learning as well as research for my posts. They provide well-written and informative summaries of non-fiction books. If you sign up for their service, I get a small payment to help me cover the costs of running this blog. You can try them out for FREE for 3 days:

These are my book recommendations for all facets of self-improvement: personal life, relationships, mental health, career, etc. I have read or used many of them for research. Some I reference directly in the posts and some just haven’t had their topic come up yet (or there were just too many good ones to mention in one post!) Included are also fiction books with characters living with depression or other mental illnesses, providing an intimate look into their lives.

This page contains an affiliates links to books and services I recommend that I have used myself. I get a small percentage, at no cost to you, to help me cover the costs of running this blog.