Announcing a 3-Post Series on Emotions and How to Control Them

Thank you for joining me on this personal growth journey! To those who have just joined, welcome!

I have an announcement to make:
Tomorrow, I will begin a three-post series on emotions. Topics will include emotional intelligence, the highly sensitive person, how to improve your emotional awareness, and how to control your emotions.

  1. The first post in the series will be an introduction to emotional intelligence and the highly sensitive person.
  2. The second post will cover empathy and self-awareness.
  3. The third post will cover emotional management and regulation.

But first, a quick intro to define what emotions are and why they are important. 

Have you seen Inside Out? As that movie depicts, emotions control how we act and feel. Understanding emotions gives us the power to both find their cause and control how we express them. This, in turn, gives us control over our actions.

Take a look at this article describing how emotions play a role in our lives. They:

  • motivate us to take action

  • help us survive, thrive, and avoid danger

  • help us make decisions

  • allow other people to understand us

  • allow us to understand other people

Here is a more in-depth look at the psychology behind emotions, how they are affected by social norms, and how this knowledge applies to our everyday lives.

See you tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Announcing a 3-Post Series on Emotions and How to Control Them

  1. This is SO exciting! Thank you for choosing such an interesting and relevant topic for all your readers. I’m beginning my blog series on my experience with postpartum depression soon; this ties in nicely with some of the therapy strategies I learned.

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