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Do you want to be the best person you can be? For yourself? For your career? For your relationships?

Me too!

The internet provides an endless amount of information. This is incredible!

But it can also be overwhelming. There’s so much out there, so many places to look!

The internet gives information as puzzle pieces: articles, videos, books, podcasts, seminars, Wikipedia, and sometimes it can be hard to see the big picture. Some information is ground-breaking, some interesting, some informative, personal, vague, and some have no basis in research or even examples. I’ve taken it upon myself to find the rare gems, the reputable resources, that actually help me, and I want to help you find the guidance you’re looking for too. I want to help you put those puzzle pieces together.

Think of me as the curator of useful knowledge,

the librarian of the non-fiction section,

the connector of dots.

In this blog, I will present links and summaries to the most beneficial resources for a given topic. Everything you need to learn and apply and benefit from, all in one simple package. Topics will range from personal growth to career development to productivity, physical and mental health, entertainment and the arts, and anything else that you ask about. You can always email me at:

Are you trying to look something up yourself? Get my top 10 list of reputable resources I use for my research right here! Is there a resource out there you think I should know about? Use my contact form to let me know.

My thoughts and advice on self improvement:self improvement, self help, personal development, accepting yourself, self awareness

  • You don’t need to change your whole life to be happy, successful, etc. Sometimes it’s about recognizing what you have and the strengths already inside you.Twitter
  • Go at your own pace. There is no race for the Most Improved Person. Don’t feel guilty for not being your best and fully improving every moment of every day. Many of these self-improvement topics will always be a work-in-progress for the rest of your life.
  • You are human: you will mess up, have bad days, and deal with difficult people and situations. That’s OK. Don’t beat yourself up. The point of self improvement is to respond in a healthy way.
  • This blog will cover many topics. It’s OK if they don’t all apply to you. You may still find them interesting or may know someone who can benefit. Share the knowledge!

Remember, if you really want it and work for it, you can make it work! If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step! I hope this blog makes it easier.

Before you tackle any sort of self improvement,

get rid of those negative thoughts holding you back!
I recommend you start with the post:

 How to Talk to Yourself and Upgrade Your Mindset